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Flaked complementary feed for all zootechnical species

Fiocco Natura of Raggio di Sole's  Naturagreste Fioccati line is the ideal complement for all livestock species (rabbits, horses, calves during weaning/fattening, dairy cows, sheep and goats) to be used mixed with other ingredients and feeds of their ration. It is a mixture of cereals and protein-rich flakes based on Estralfa (an innovative extruded feed used by Raggio di Sole, made from alfalfa and other fibres), corn flakes, rolled fava beans, barley flakes, soybean flakes, pea flakes, crushed carob and extruded carrots. This mixture is very palatable and rich in energy, protein and vegetable fats, an ideal support during special physiological or breeding stages, added to their daily diet or as their only food if properly mixed with forages and vitamin and mineral supplements. Its excellent digestibility and the presence of excellent quality fibre promotes the tenderness and tasty flavour of the meat produced.

Available size

15 kg bag

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