Fleur du Soleil Terriccio per Orto thumb

Soil mix for vegetable garden sowing and transplanting

Terriccio per Orto of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is an high quality organic substrate obtained exclusively by mixing fine peats with different degrees of humification and river silica sand. Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of the raw materials used, their different proportions and the perfect and balanced mixing, this is a fine structure soil mix that is particularly suitable for preparing soil for sowing in cassettes, trays, tunnels, hot and cold greenhouses and open fields. Its composition improves the physical structure of soil by adding silica sand, which makes the soil softer and more easily drained, ideal not only for sowing but also for transplanting all fruit and vegetable species. The presence of humified natural organic matter contributed by the high quality peats and the proper mix of both easily absorbed and slow-release nutrients thanks to the hoof and horn meal ensure vigorous initial root development and subsequent lush growth of vegetable plants.

Availabole size

45 l bag

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