Fleur du Soleil Terriccio per Tappeti erbosi thumb

Soil mix for lawns

Terriccio per Tappeti erbosi of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is an high quality organic substrate obtained exclusively by mixing fine peats with different degrees of humification and river silica sand. Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of the raw materials used, their different proportions and the perfect and balanced mixing, this is a fine structure soil mix, very smooth and specially designed for preparing soil for sowing high quality lawns and for their regeneration. Its composition improves the physical structure of soil by adding silica sand, which makes the soil softer and more easily drained, repairing the damage due to being walked on. The presence of humified natural organic matter contributed by the high quality peats and of easily absorbed nutrients ensures vigorous root development, an essential condition for the growth of a dense lawn that is resistant to weeds. It is suitable both for preparing new sowing of plants and for maintaining and regenerating all quality lawns used for ornamental, recreational and sports purposes.

Available size

70 l bag

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