Fleur du Soleil Terriccio per Agrumi thumb

Soil mix for citrus trees

Terriccio per Agrumi of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is a specific substrate for growing all citrus trees in pots and in open soil. Soil Mix made up of a select, excellent blend of high quality blond peats, which due to their degree of humification and the addition of hoof and horn meal provide to the roots all the nutrients needed for the tree’s healthy and balanced growth and for abundant flowering and fruiting. The addition of montmorillonite clay increases the cation exchange capacity and has a buffer effect that is ideal for proper root development, because it ensures good water retention capacity. The presence of pumice in the formula of the substrate ensures a proper balance between aeration and drainage, preventing stagnation. Fleur du Soleil’s Terriccio per Agrumi is specific for growing lemons, oranges, mandarins, clementines, cedars, grapefruits, tamarinds, kumquats and ornamental citrus fruit in general.

Available sizes

25 l compact package
45 l bag

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