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Multi-purpose soil mix

Terriccio Universale Naturenergy Bio of the Fleur du Soleil line by Raggio di Sole is a natural and biological organic substrate. The humic acids provided by matured natural organic matter ensure a balanced supply of macro and micro-nutrients that are needed for development of the roots, ensuring a soft structure with perfect root aeration. Due to its composition and the total lack of chemical fertilisers, the use of this substrate is allowed in organic farming in accordance with applicable regulations. It is an excellent soil improver both for gardens and for vegetable gardens. It is suitable for re-potting all ornamental and green plants, and flowers in apartments, balconies and gardens, except for calcifuge plants. The high quality humified organic matter it contains ensures a gradual and steady nourishment of all types of plants.

Available sizes

20 l bag
45 l bag
70 l bag

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