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Multi-purpose biological soil mix

Terriccio Universale Bio of the  Fleur du Soleil line by Raggio di Sole is an high quality NATURAL AND BIOLOGICAL organic substrate obtained exclusively by mixing blond, brown and black peats with different degrees of humification. Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of the raw materials used, and to their different proportions and perfectly balanced mixing, Terriccio Universale BIO is ideal for potting and planting all indoor ornamental plants, plants on terraces and in home gardens except for calcifuge plants. Ideal substrate also for sowing, grafting and transplanting, for use in vegetable and fruit farming. It ensures a stable structure with high porosity and perfect aeration for optimal root development and oxygenation. The presence of montmorillonite clay increases its capability of holding and assimilating the nutrients that are essential for healthy and vital plant growth. The natural humified peat, enriched with hoof and horn meal, ensures a balanced supply of macro- and micro-nutrients and of organic nutrients needed for a balanced development of the roots.

Available sizes

25 l compact package
45 l bag
70 l bag

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