Fleur du Soleil Corteccia francese 15 25 thumb

French maritime pine bark

Corteccia francese 15-25 of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is a select, high-quality French Pinus Pinaster bark, in 15-25 mm pieces. This is a natural product with high decorative and aesthetic value, ideal for making and decorating high quality planters, edgings, flowerbeds and gardens. Its physical characteristics allow the bark to act as a natural, non-polluting weed killer that prevents engraftment and development of weeds in gardens. Corteccia Francese di Pino Marittimo also acts as an effective thermal insulator, protecting the soil and plant roots from temperature variations such as winter frost and excessive summer sunlight. Since this is a natural plant-based product, once the bark has exhausted its decorative mulching function, if buried, it becomes organic matter available for the roots.

Available size

60 l bag

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