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Concentrated manure

Concentrato di stallatico StallGarden of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is an Organic Biological Fertiliser - NP 3.2 - 3. It is an organic fertiliser with the characteristics of a soil improver, made solely from the mixture of selected and concentrated manure (cattle, horse, poultry). The fermentation, sterilisation and curing process, which lasts 10-12 months, makes the product safe and with a very advanced degree of humification of the organic matter. The product is sieved and partially dried to make it stable. Its pelleted form makes it easy to distribute evenly and favours a prolonged absorption of nutrients by plant roots. The humic acids contained in the organic matter processed this way makes the soil soft, easy to work and increasingly fertile if used year after year, correcting both sandy and clayey soil. The higher nutrient concentration of Stall Garden compared to all other manure-based soil improvers gives it the characteristics of high-quality organic fertiliser with balanced NP contents (3.2 to 3). The product is excellent for fertilising and providing humus during pre-sowing and transplant in vegetable gardens, gardens and orchards. It is allowed in organic farming under the provisions of MIRAAF circular no. 8 of 13 September 1999.

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25 kg bag

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