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Calcium cyanamide micro-granular fertiliser

Concime microgranulare Calciocianamide of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is an EC fertiliser - Nitrated Calcium Cyanamide. Thanks to its special composition, Calcium Cyanamide nourishes the soil due to its high nitrogen (N) content and sterilises the soil. Before becoming nitric and as such available to the roots, the nitrogen of the calcium cyanamide is in the cyanamide acid that has multiple sterilisation effects. After 8-15 days, the cyanamide acid completely transforms into nitrogen without leaving any residue; after only about two weeks you can sow or transplant. Calcium cyanamide is a nutrient suitable for preparing soil for sowing or transplanting for high value fruit and vegetable crops and for lawns. Continuous use of calcium cyanamide significantly improves soil fertility without causing excesses or deficiencies.

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5 kg bag

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