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Multi-purpose granular fertiliser

Concime granulare Universale of the Fleur du Soleil line of Raggio di Sole is an EC fertiliser NPK 12-12-12 with soft ground rock phosphate. Due to its balanced composition (N:P:K = 1) it can provide the proper nutrient supply needed by all kinds of plants, ensuring homogeneous and balanced growth. The addition of iron completes the nourishment for plants while preventing iron chlorosis and giving leaves, flowers and fruits more intense colours. It is the ideal product for green and flowering plants, vegetable gardens, flower beds, bushes and hedges, fruit trees, ornamental trees and conifers, as well as lawns. It can be used for pre-sowing fertilisation (2-3 weeks before sowing, burying it during soil preparation) and for top dressing, using rates and intervals that depend on the crop and on the soil type.

Available sizes

1 kg box
5 kg bag
10 kg bag

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