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Complete pet food for young and adult dwarf rabbits

Nutrena's research has designed Throls Bunny Fit, a complete carrot-based food pellet, enriched with vegetable-derived fatty acids with coccidiostatic properties made to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dwarf rabbits, both young and adult. Its special formula ensures proper nutrition for their growth - from weaning to adulthood - and helps to reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal problems. The quality of the fibre (alfalfa) and the addition of natural ingredients (essential oils, activated charcoal, plant and herbal extracts, inulin) promote the wellbeing and health of dwarf rabbits, providing them with a highly palatable, nutritious and light food. Its mineral and vitamin content and the contribution of amino acids such as methionine, promote a healthy and harmonious growth and a thick and shiny coat.

Available size

900 g box

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