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THROLS is a range of complete pet foods specifically for small mammals or small pets. Exclusive, balanced and palatable formulas, careful selection of raw materials, aromatic and fragrant essences satisfy the nutritional requirements and ensure the excellent functioning of the digestive and intestinal systems of rodents, ferrets, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits and squirrels.


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With dried fruit

Nutrena has designed Throls Criceti, a valuable food made of a rich variety of quality and carefully selected ingredients: seeds, cereal flakes, pellets, extruded feed, dried fruit and vegetables to provide a healthy and balanced diet for hamsters, controlling and supporting digestion and great flavour. All these ingredients naturally aid chewing and proper wear of your small animal’s teeth, and also promote the maintenance of a thick, shiny coat and optimal physical fitness. Supplemented with vitamins A, D3 and E to ensure health, wellness and vitality to the hamsters.

Available size

750 g box

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