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The McKerk line accompanies our faithful friends throughout their life: during the delicate growth phase when they are puppies and it is crucial to give them the right protein, vitamin and mineral content; during maturity, when the pleasure of tasty food must go hand in hand with a healthy, safe and controlled diet; during old age, when dogs need to fight the effects of ageing and remain active and lively with lighter and easier to digest food, but without compromising on gratifying flavour. McKerk has also decided to add three single protein pâtés to its range: Lamb, chicken and tuna. These foods are formulated for more delicate or sensitive dogs that due to intolerances of some protein sources need a specific and targeted diet. Each flavour is based on a delicious and tasty recipe... so all dogs can always enjoy the pleasure of eating well! All pâtés in the McKerk line are obtained by cooking fresh meat, and are free of preservatives, gluten, colourants and added sugars.


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Cibo umido per cani adulti

The tasty McKerk Single Protein Chicken Pâté is based on Nutrena's research and experience, for all dogs that have food sensitivities. Its fresh chicken meat helps rebuild connective tissue and promotes the health and the body and of its muscles. Thanks to its high digestibility and delicacy, it can also be used for dogs with intolerances or allergies.

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300 g bowl

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