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Crocchette per gatti adulti e senior

Oscar Mix Menù by Raggio di Sole is a perfectly balanced food for cats of all ages, formulated with high-quality ingredients and excellent flavour and digestibility. Thanks to the high protein content from a number of sources (chicken, beef and turkey) it meets all the nutritional needs of cats, to help them stay fit, to lead long, healthy lives; it also helps their urinary tract, thanks to its low magnesium content. The rich supply of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids helps to maintain healthy skin and shiny fur; it contains taurine, an essential amino acid for good eyesight and for the heart. The shape and texture of the kibble promotes healthy teeth by reducing tartar, while the right balance of vitamins and minerals in the vegetables gives your cat vitality and well-being by strengthening its immune system every day.

Availabe sizes

3 kg package
20 kg package

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