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Lettiera igienica per gatti

Crystal Sepiolite Lavanda of the Sun Ray line is a natural, hygienic litter made of sepiolite minerals and is characterized by a high capacity of absorption of liquids and odours. Thanks to the particular porous structure of this mineral, the bacteria (the main cause of bad odours) is quickly captured and neutralised, ensuring maximum hygiene and cleanliness. The Crystal Sepiolite Lavanda litter was designed by Raggio di Sole to give your cat's litter pan a fresh and pleasant fragrance that in contact with urine releases a delicate lavender scent, making it more pleasant for the cat to use the product. The granules, that are particularly absorbent, do not stick to the cat's paws and hair and the product is entirely natural and free of chemical treatments. A 5 kg package lasts approximately 15 days of hygiene.

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5 kg bag

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