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´╗┐The common hare is a lagomorph mammal that originated in Europe and Asia. Physically similar to the rabbit, it is shier and is bred for hunting and repopulation purposes. On the breeding-farm, it requires careful management and suitable care, and must be fed with food that is perfectly balanced in terms of easy to digest fibre, fine protein and energy. Raggio di Sole offers a complete food that is ideal for rabbit does, leverets during weaning and growing hares, formulated with the best raw materials to ensure the development of active and vital animals with excellent reproduction and production capabilities.


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Complementary feed for breeding and fattening hares

Lepri is a pelletised feed of the Nostrale Conigli line of medium grain size, suitable for young hares during weaning, brood-mares and hares in the growing and fattening stages. It is a practical and versatile food that covers the nutritional requirements of all breeding stages of hares due to the high quality and easy-to-digest fibres selected by Raggio di Sole. It helps proper bacterial fermentation and maintaining the animal's health and welfare, to obtain high reproductive and growth performance, as well as to produce high quality meat.

Available size

22 kg bag

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