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With its complete range of rabbit hutches, feeders and drinkers as well as traps for unwanted guests, Raggio di Sole makes it easier to breed rabbits and put healthy, tasty and genuine meat on your table. In even the smallest of spaces it is possible realise, at a very affordable price, the dream of a DIY rabbit farm that will bring together the entire family. Putting genuine food on the table that has been produced in our home rabbit farm is the first step towards a healthy diet based on the flavours and fragrances of yesteryear.


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Mill for cereals

Molino Golia 4V of the Sun Ray line of Raggio di Sole is a very useful mill for quickly grinding even large quantities of cereals such as corn, rye, oats, barley and others. Equipped with the innovative dust container for the ground product, it is ideal for transforming the products into flour.

Available size

cm 52 x 44 x h 72

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