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The Incubatrice Covatutto 162 of the Sun Ray line of Raggio di Sole is a large incubator with a plastic case that is highly shock resistant, and has excellent thermal insulating properties. The door has the same insulating and shock resistance properties of the case and is transparent to show what is happening inside the incubator for the entire duration of the incubation cycle, up to the hatching. This incubator has three egg trays, which are suitable to contain eggs of all poultry species; it has a practical semi-automatic egg rotation system. The automatic egg rotation device can be added at any time, to rotate the eggs automatically. Two electrical resistors rapidly heat the inside, even if the temperature of the surrounding environment drops accidentally and occasionally. Thanks to the significant action of the two fans, placed respectively in the upper and lower part of the machine, the uniformity of the temperature and humidity inside is ensured, thus improving air exchange. Humidity is created by the water that is contained in its pans.

Available size

cm 52 x 45 x h 61,5

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