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Some breeders, for reasons of convenience and practicality, prefer to use a single type of food from chicks through to slaughtering. This is why Raggio di Sole offers “one cycle” foods, with nutritional characteristics (protein, energy, fat, vitamins and minerals) that make it possible to feed chickens effectively throughout their entire life cycle. In particular, one cycle foods are formulated to assist the correct somatic growth of the animals and the development of a strong immune system, a fundamental pillar for healthy and strong animals. The practicality of using a single food in all phases of the breeding process makes Raggio di Sole's Ciclo Unico foods important allies in the daily work of all small- and large-scale breeders.


Nostrale Classic Polli Super Briciola thumb

Complete feed for chicks and chickens

Super Bricola is a medium grain size crumbled feed of the Nostrale Polli line that allows the use of a single product for the entire breeding period of chickens, during fattening or breeding. A result of Raggio di Sole's extensive experience, it is a safe, balanced and easy to use product that can be used to feed the chicks from their very first days of life supporting their correct and consistent organic and somatic growth until the fattening stage, when it can be combined with a small amount of split corn to obtain excellent results in terms of flavour and quality of the meat produced.

Available size

22 kg bag

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Nostrale Selvaggina Fattoria Unico thumb

Complete feed for chickens, hens, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks and geese

Aia Insieme is a complete crumbled feed of the Nostrale Selvaggina line with a medium grain size and addition of corn grits, suitable for all backyard birds (chickens, hens, turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks and geese). A result of Raggio di Sole's extensive experience in the field of animal nutrition, it is the ideal product to feed all farmyard animals with a single complete feed that is very easy to digest, rich in energy from vegetable fats and fine cereals and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Constant free-feeding use of this product will foster the animals’ health and welfare, ensuring production of excellent quality meat and eggs.

Available sizes

10 kg bag
22 kg bag

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