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After about 35-40 days of life, chicks are called pullets. After a few months, if the pullets are well fed and kept in suitable and clean shelters, they become chickens and develop an abundant, colourful plumage and tasty meat without fatty deposits. As their weight increases, the nutritional requirements of growing chickens change; in particular, the protein amount they require decreases while the energy amount they need increases. It is therefore important that chickens eat a food that is specific for this second phase. The usage of a complete food made of easy to digest pellets with specific vitamin and mineral supplements facilitates the production of excellent quality meat in very competitive times, while reducing wastage in the feeder.


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Complete feed for chickens

BelPollo Pellet is a pelletised feed of the Nostrale Polli line, formulated by Raggio di Sole with a perfect balance of energy and protein, mixed with a higher fat content, and is ideal for feeding chickens during fattening or breeding. Its small pellets are suitable to be fed on the ground or in feeding troughs; its proper use promotes high growth performance as well as compact, high quality and tasty meat.

Available sizes

10 kg bag
22 kg bag

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