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Farmyard poultry such as turkeys, guinea fowl, geese and ducks are omnivorous animals, who love to eat not only seeds and plants but also insects, molluscs and earthworms. From a physiological point of view they have high protein and fat requirements and therefore need, if kept in a closed or confined environment, a proper supply of proteins and fats (as well as energy) and specific vitamin and mineral supplements in order to correctly perform all their vital and productive functions. Nutritional deficiencies are particularly damaging and this why Raggio di Sole offers complete, perfectly integrated foods that are simple to use for the breeder and ideal for the wellbeing of the animals.


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Complete feed for turkeys, guinea fowl and pheasants during start-up / growth

Fattoria Secondo Periodo is a crumbled feed of the Nostrale Selvaggina line, with a medium grain size, high protein and lipid content, ideal to support the growth pace and development of young turkeys as well as pheasant and guinea fowl chicks from 45 days old until the end of fattening stage. Specifically designed by Raggio di Sole and enriched with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, it helps to develop healthy and robust animals that produce compact, tasty and high quality meat.

Available sizes

10 kg bag
22 kg bag

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