Raggio di Sole® is a long-established Italian brand of products for animal nutrition. Its broad range of products and services can fully satisfy the needs of breeders, resellers and consumers. Quality and innovation have always been the hallmarks of Raggio di Sole® and that is why customers continue to choose it as a trusted partner in both the industrial and retail sector.


In 2011 Raggio di Sole® became a part of the Feed & Nutrition Division of Gruppo Cargill S.r.l., a multinational corporation that does business in 67 countries around the world. Empowered by this synergy, Raggio di Sole® strives constantly to provide quality products and services to its customers.



chisiamo01Raggio di Sole® was founded in 1942, the brainchild of Luigi Bonati, a young pharmacist from Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC). Motivated by his taste for innovation, he developed corrective foods capable of solving the problem of rickets, which in those years afflicted many stables. The Raggio di Sole (a sunray) that restored the health and performance of animals thus became the symbol of a company destined to grow. Pioneer of the concept of animal wellbeing, Luigi Bonati guided his company to develop genetics and to improve animal nutrition, bringing pelletised feed onto the market in the Sixties. Over the decades, Raggio di Sole® has expanded across Italy, strengthening its ties with the territory.



The Raggio di Sole® brand is highly esteemed also outside of Italy. Today it is present in over thirty European and non-European countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East.


Its many product lines in the retail sector, and its great variety of foods and accessories for pets and hobby breeding, are the strengths of the export business of Raggio di Sole®, the flagship business of which is the ornithological segment.

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